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Sablefish and Geoduck and Razor Clams and much more!

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  Hello Everyone! Such an excellently fishy week around here!  We've got all sorts of fun stuff in the house...let me list some of the ways you can get fishified...
  • Live Geoduck ~ it's graduation week at Evergreen and the majestic clam mascot is
    The Duck
    The Duck.
    here at the shop.  Impress all your friends by knowing it's pronounced gooey duck and not gee oh duck.  Our clams are cultured geoduck from Taylor Shellfish and looking very (ahem) perky.  Ha!
  • Fresh Razor Clams ~ these are local out of South Bend, WA, cleaned and in one pound vacuum packs.  Dip them in egg and breadcrumbs and fry 'em up!
  • Mussels ~ the harvest hiatus is over...they're back! 
  • Spot Shrimp ~ there is a very short opening for Hood Canal tribal fishermen on Saturday.  We expect to have them here around 3PM and will be offering them up as whole shrimp and tails for as long as they last.  Give us a call if you'd like us to set some aside or let you know when they arrive and we'll put you on the list!
  • Sablefish ~ our special this week!  Read on for more info.
  • Wild Salmon ~ we'll have fresh sockeye and fresh king all week and this time of the year you simply can't go wrong with salmon.
  • Crab ~ from the Nisqually Reach area (this means super jumbo!).
In addition to these extra-noteworthy items we'll have lots of great fresh halibut, fresh sole (both Dover and petrale this week, fresh rock and ling cods as well as the usual clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops and more!  Come take a look; we'll be here! ~Kira
Sablefish (Black Cod)
Sablefish is also quite commonly known as "black cod" in our area.  The fish itself is sortblack cod of nothing to write home about, it's a rather plain looking cod-like fish with a solid dull grey appearance.  But it doesn't take long at the dinner table to realize there's a very good reason why sablefish is always so dang expensive.  It's light, tender and oh, so buttery... reminiscent of the more exotic Chilean sea bass or Australia's orange roughy.  If you need even more reasons to love sablefish, consider that it's local (our fish this week are being caught by the F/V Quest out of Westport), extremely high in healthy omega-3 fats and come from a sustainable well managed fishery.  Each commercial fishing boat has an 8000 pound trip limit quota for the week, which runs until the fleet quota (over 200,000 pounds) is caught for the season.  The vast majority of our local sablefish (as well as those caught in Alaskan and Canadian waters) are actually exported to Europe and Asia where the demand is always high, so we never really see afilet significant drop in the price of these excellent fish.  Sablefish is superb as sushi, wonderful as a pan seared meal and grills very well also.  The high fat content makes it difficult to overcook and produces a wonderful smoked fish - if you ever see smoked black cod, be sure and get a taste! There are many ways to cook sablefish, but one of the most popular is a marinating recipe that utilizes white miso paste, mirin, sake and honey.  It is recommended to marinate the fish for up to 3 days, so this week we're offering sablefish already in the miso marinade.  That way you can take it home and broil it up on the same day.  Find the recipe in our archives if you'd like to make your own!

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  • We had the black code. Did not marinate it but seared it with miso ( from OSF) and butter. The miso and butter carmelized as the fish cooked with the lid on. Served with sauce on top and we were in heaven.

    Janet on

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