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Miso Sablefish

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serves 2 adults for dinnermarinating sablefish   ¼ cup sake (or white wine) ¼ cup mirin 4 T white miso paste 2 T honey ¾ pound sablefish, sliced in 1" thick pieces Wisk the marinade ingredients together in a plastic or glass bowl.  Toss the fish chunksthe thrill of the broiler in, fold to coat evenly on all sides, then cover with saran wrap and set it in your refrigerator for at least 6 hours...up to 3 days.   (3 days - no kidding)  Move your oven rack so that it's on the highest setting - we're going for the fish being about 6" from the heat.  (Turn the oven hood fan on; this is going to get a little smoky.)  Cover a baking sheet with a piece of foil and line up your fish pieces so they'll end up directly under the element when you putdinner! them in the oven.  Set the temperature to "broil" and slide the fish in.  It takes almost exactly 8 minutes to get your fish perfectly cooked and just a bit of black caramelization on the edges.  Sablefish perfection!  Enjoy with a dry white wine and a side of lemon cashew brussel sprouts.

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