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Lemon Cashew Brussel Sprouts

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I have to say, I detested brussel sprouts as a kid.  And if you think 'detested' is a strong word, you're right.  It was an epic tragedy at my house when the 'B.S.' was on the menu.  Isn't it funny how times (and opinions on little cabbages) change... this recipe is one of my favorite side dishes now.  And for some reason, Sailor likes them too!  Lemon Cashew Brussel Sprouts 1 pound brussel sprouts, trimmed and halvedThe 2 T olive oil 1 lemon Handful of cashews (other nuts work too) Salt to taste Swirl the olive oil in the bottom of a large fry pan.  Turn the pan on medium and place your brussel sprouts, flat cut side down in the pan.  Let the sprouts cook 3-4 minutes, and then check one to see if they're browning.  Once they start to brown you can toss them a bit to cook through to desired doneness.  Turn the burner off, but leave them on the heat.  Squeeze the juice of your lemon over the sprouts, toss in the cashews and sprinkle the whole thing with salt.  Give them another stir and about 30 more seconds before serving.  This makes a side dish for 2-4 adults.

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