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Pan Seared Razor Clam Steaks

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1 pound whole cleaned razor clams ½ cup breadcrumbs (or crushed crackers) 1 egg, beaten Salt and pepper to taste 2 T olive oil Set two bowls out, one with the breadcrumbs and one with the egg. Get a frying pan out and add your oil and turn it on nice and hot (medium high). Once the pan looks appropriately pre-heated, start the cooking! Take your first clam, dip it in the egg on both sides, then with the breadcrumbs on both sides and set it directly in the pan. Pan Fried Clams Repeat this process until your clams are all in the pan, then salt and pepper the tops. Usually by this time the first clam in the pan is ready to turn so don't answer the phone or get yourself a glass of wine, pay attention to your clams! These guys only need to be cooked about 2-4 minutes on each side, just until the breadcrumbs are browned and the egg is cooked. Once you've got a nice pile of fried clams, you can go several directions but we like to serve them for dinner with a nice salad and some rice. Be sure and make a couple of extra for a clam sandwich the next day!

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  • Love the Razor Clams!! Pretty strong in the kitchen, so tried them outside on the Propane Barbreque(sp) with a cast iron pan. Works great, just don’t leave-cook pretty quick, move to an aluminum pan and then to 250 oven to keep warm. Don’t overcook, get tough!! Also works well with beer-batter dipping, then Fry-Daddy outside! Wife loves it, no fish smell in my kitchen!!

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