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King Candy Stack

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Candy Stack
Judging by the amount of people who finish it off in their car on the way home or take it up to the mountain for a snowboarding trip snack, a 'recipe' for candy is definitely not required.  You can pretty much just eat it.  Sometimes I like to play with textures and flavor combinations though, so if you'd like to do more than toss a few crackers on the side we've got a nice quick idea to fancy it up!   1 organic green apple small block firm white cheese (I like to use a sharp, aged cheese for max flavor) small package of fresh raspberries 4 oz king candy   For an appetizer or finger food, cube your cheese, apple and candy into relatively similar sized pieces - not too big, we're going for a single elegant bite.  Run a toothpick through the center of a raspberry, then the candy, apple and cheese to make a nice stack.  Serve with a crisp glass of pinot gris and a salad!  Or... you can translate the whole thing into a dinner salad by leaving out the toothpick and just piling it all on top of some butter lettuce and drizzling with raspberry vinaigrette.  Super flavor

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