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Crab Crab Club Sandwich

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These are too much fun.  Too.  Much.  Fun!
Well, hello there Mr. Sandwich!
  ingredients ~3 oz crab meat per sandwich ~Thousand Island dressing ~slicing tomato avocado ~butter croissants ~bacon (or lox if you're not a bacon fan!) ~small pack of strawberries ~small pack of baby carrots ~cream cheese ~small can of sliced olives ~toothpicks   Okay, start with the eyeballs.  These are tasty so you might want an extra one or two to eat while you're constructing the sandwich.  Just in case... I used a ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon to make approximately equal sized gobs of cream cheese and then quickly rolled them in my palms to make them nice and round.  Don't fuss with them too long or it they start to soften and melt.  Drop the cream cheese balls on a plate, press a slice of olive into the top and slide a toothpick through the middle.  Voila!   Now, make your claws... Cut the tops off of the strawberries, slice them in half and then slice a wedge out of the bottom to make a claw shape.  If that description makes no sense at all, just look at the picture.  Again, you might want to make a couple 'extra' for nibbling.  Or... you could even toss one in the bottom of a champagne glass and pause for a few moments to toast!  Cheers! Get you bacon in a pan and cook until it's done like you like it.  Tony always cooks ours nice and crispy, which suits me just fine.  :)  Slice your croissants in half while your bacon is cooking and get your crabmeat in a small bowl.  Add about four big spoonfuls of Thousand Island dressing to the crab meat and gently fold to combine. (Note: you can do a homemade Louis dressing or just straight mayo if you prefer!)  Slice your tomato and avocado and lightly salt. Time to assemble! Layer the crabmeat, bacon, tomato and avocado between the croissant halves.  Stick your eyeballs in the top.  Arrange the carrots and strawberry claws around the sandwich on the plate and step back to admire your clever handiwork.  Not only is it charming but it's seriously delicious.  Yay!

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  • Delightful, detailed recipe! Thanks for sharing it and delivering quality content on your site. I appreciate the way you do business. Roz

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