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Hello February!

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Hello Everyone! Well, it's February.... the shortest month of the year.  The *perfect* time to finally climb on the "let's get healthy" wagon!  I was inspired by a group of friends to commit to a dry month, (no alcohol of any kind), and February seemed the most short sensible.  And I don't know about you, but whenever I think "healthy" I think about eating more salmon!  So this week we're featuring wild king salmon at special pricing and offering up a tasty recipe for the oven.  We have both refresh wild Alaskan troll king as filet and some fresh
Tony and the fish!
Cali Hali on the left, Neah Bay king on the right!
wild Neah Bay troll king (in the 4-8 pound range) to sell as whole fish.  Come take a look!  We're also taking our very first peek at fresh wild California Halibut this week.  These fish look pretty much exactly like their Alaskan halibut counterparts, but they run smaller and are found in the ocean from Baja California up to just north of San Francisco Bay.  They just came in the door about an hour ago (with more on the way for Friday) and they look lovely!  Our fresh ocean fish this week look to be true cod, rockfish, petrale sole and a bit of sablefish.  Our fresh tropicals are Hawaiian mahi-mahi, ahi and opah.  In the live tanks we have fresh Westport Dungeness crab and the first little dab of live Maine Lobster for this month.  Quick note: if you're plotting lobster for dinner on Valentine's Day give us a call and we'll put you on our order list for Monday!  (And yes, we will be open on Monday the 14th for the holiday - if you're making dinner for your sweetheart we'll help get you started with excellent seafood!) Have a great week! ~Kira

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