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Oly Seafood News + Dover Sole on Special!

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone! There's big news around here today!  Less than an hour ago we had our first Young's Bay Spring King Salmon come in the door, courtesy of my Dad.  The first delicious sign in the seafood world that, (drum roll please... ) Spring is coming!  There will be further "test" fishing at the mouth of the Columbia in the next few days and if all goes well we'll be looking at the first official salmon opening in the next couple of weeks.  For today, there's one fish and she's a beauty.  If you'd like a piece, raid the piggy bank (the filet is $28/lb!) and hustle on down here.  Arguably the finest salmon on the planet, it's a treat worth splurging on. Our "special" this week is the fresh wild Dover sole out of Newport, Oregon.  These mild, delicate little filets are lovely and translate into a variety of recipes.  Read on for a couple of ideas and additional info on this tasty fish.  Dover is specially priced at $6.99 per pound through Sunday!  Also in the case this week we have more of the nice fat Alaskan halibut, fresh Kodiak true cod, fresh rockfish, fresh wild steelhead from the Quinault, a little dab of ling cod and black cod, some Hawaiian tuna (both Ahi and Tombo) and a new batch of hot smoked salmon direct from Johnson's Smokehouse.  Also fresh clams, mussles and oysters along with a few fresh crab that made it in before the weather hit.  Come on down and see us! ~Kira Dover Sole Dover sole is another one of those odd ball named fish.  Frankly, I often wonder what the heck people were thinking back in the day when common names and such were being established.  Dover sole is neither from an area called "Dover", nor is it a sole.  It's actually a Pacific Ocean flounder that sort of looks like the sole that comes from Dover, England.  Close enough I guess?? Whatever you want to call it, Dover is pretty tasty.  It's mild, tender, and considered a "good alternative" on the eco-friendly scale.  Our Dover is sandy bottom trawl caught, and sourced from Charleston, Oregon this week. Dover lends itself well to many recipes.  It is easily seasoned and pan seared, making excellent fish tacos or fish sandwiches.  It also stuffs very well because it is so thin, so check out our recipe section for a great stuffed sole recipe!

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