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This Week's Featured Fish : Fresh Wild True Cod

Posted by Kira DeRito on

You know it's going to be a fun time when, (while attempting to google the name of a fish supplier), the search engine suggests adding the word 'murderer' to the end of your search bar. Erik the Red Seafood is located in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland and, although they sound a bit rowdy if you know your Erik the Red history, they check all of the boxes for the kind of place we like to do business with. They are Marine Stewardship Council certified (which means fish stocks are sustainable, harvested with minimal environmental impact, and they have a relevant law-compliant management plan) among other certifications, and they offer a super-fresh high quality true cod that we are happy to stand behind. 

Cod, itself, is considered a relatively basic fish but it's been involved in so very many knock down drag-out fights and dramas throughout history. If you'd like to dive into the Icelandic cod story, pop over to Wikipedia for some light "Cod Wars" reading before you continue on... apparently it took threats of NATO withdrawal and lack of access to anti-submarine chokepoints to settle the dispute. Iceland won, and this week we have the product of their success on special to offer up for your dinner.
This was the image at the Iceland booth at the Boston Seafood Show 2018- they look nice and friendly, for Viking descendants! 
True cod is a delicious, sturdy white fish with a large flake that works well in many fish recipes, and just about any recipe that calls for a white fish like halibut, bass or sole. It's also a nourishing lean protein source, with enough omega-3s and B-12s to make it a great weekly choice for a healthy meal. The particular true cod we get from Erik the Red Seafood is the cut they call the "top loin" and is a remarkably thick and even, boneless and skinless portion of larger fish. It makes wonderful fish and chips, outstanding fish tacos, and is the star of the show in one of my favorite winter recipes - cod and potatoes.

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