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Pre-Orders for Curbside Service - August 5, 2021 pick up day!

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Please Note: our systems have changed! We are no longer employing a door person, so we are utilizing the phone system to communicate your arrival. Please pull up to the *back* door (in the gravel lot) up to the two orange cones, and then call 360 570 8816 when you arrive to let us know you're ready for service! If you are unable to get through on the phone after a couple of minutes, please give us a friendly (short!) toot of the vehicle horn and the grace for another minute or two to get to you. In the unlikely event that a vehicle is already parked in the curbside pick-up space, please wait until that customer departs to utilize any honking for service. Only give a toot if you're front and center in the pick up spot! 

Thank you for visiting our Pre-Order page for Curbside Service! We offer these special pre-orders to pick up on Thursday each week for our customers that 1. prefer to not enter the building due to Covid-19 or other concerns, 2. have mobility challenges, or 3. do not have (for any reason) the capacity to wait in line. Our system for placing and collecting an order is as follows:

Please email your selections with your name, your phone number and any special instructions to from the list below by 9am on Wednesday to pick up on Thursday between 10:30am and 5pm. (Please note: pricing and options are our 'best guess' and subject to change/availability.) We will issue Order Numbers by replying to your email on Wednesday morning. You may call 360 570 8816 any time after 10:30am on Thursday (the day of pick-up) to pre-pay over the phone, or if you prefer (or are unable to get through on the phone due to high volume of calls) we are happy to take your card payment when you arrive. When you arrive please call to let us know you are here for your specific Order Number, and we will be out to help you as soon as we can!

Appearance of an item on this list means its availability is probable, but not guaranteed. If you have a question please call us at 360 570 8816 and we will do our best to answer it! Pre-Order for Curbside service is only available for Thursday each week. Any other day of the week, or if you miss the ordering window, you are welcome to shop with us in our lobby or call to place a pre-order and we will help you in the order you arrive during our regular business hours of Wednesday through Saturday from 10 to 6 and Sunday 11 to 4.


***Special for week of August 5: Cooked, Peeled, Deveined, Wild Mexican Shrimp (about 16 to the pound) $16.99/lb. + debuting our Cajun Prawn Salad 8oz tub $8 (a creamy, zippy, chunky prawn salad with celery that's perfect for serving on a bun or with crackers)

Fresh Rockfish Filet $8.99 lb. 

Fresh Petrale Sole $15.99 lb. 

Fresh Icelandic True Cod (top loin cut) $17.99 lb. 

Fresh Sablefish/Black Cod $20.99 lb. 

Fresh Alaskan Halibut $24.99 lb. 

Fresh Wild Ocean-Caught King $28.99 lb. 

Fresh Wild AK Sockeye $15.99 

Fresh Wild Silver Salmon $17.99 

Fresh Ahi Tuna (yellowfin)  $24.99 lb

Fresh Opah $18.99 lb. 

Cooked, Cleaned, Frozen AK Dungeness Crab Sections $18.99 lb.

Fresh Whole Cooked and Live Dungeness Crab: $14.99 lb.

Frozen King Crab Legs $49.50 lb.

4 to 5 oz Maine Lobster Tails $9.50 each

8 to 20 oz Maine Lobster Tails $38.99 lb. 

Dungeness Crabmeat $48.99 lb.

Fresh Oregon Salad Shrimp $11.99 lb. 

Cooked Wild Baja Shrimp (large, peeled and deveined, tail on) $19.99 lb. (special this week - $16.99 lb.)

Wild Rhode Island Calamari (cleaned tubes/tents) $12.99 lb.

Fresh Wild Maine Sea Scallops u14 count $28.99 lb. 

Frozen Maine Sea Scallops 10/20 count $25.99 one pound bag

Frozen Peruvian Bay Scallops 60/80 one pound bag $16.99  

Medium Peeled and Deveined Raw Wild Baja Shrimp (20 to 30 count, fully peeled, chem-free) $16.99 lb. 

Large Peeled and Deveined Raw Wild Baja Shrimp (15 count, tail on, chem-free) $19.99 lb. 

Jumbo Shell On Raw Wild Baja Shrimp (8 count) $23.99 lb.

Ahi Tuna frozen Poke Packs (cut in 1" cubes, one pound vac pack) $18 

Fresh Local Steamer Clams $6.50 lb. 

Fresh Local Mussels $6.50 lb. 

Fresh Local Pacific Oysters in the Shell $10 per dozen 

Fresh Local Specialty Oysters

Cold Smoked Sliced Lox $20.99 lb. 

Smoked King Salmon Candy Nuggets $29.99 lb.

Traditional (plain) Alaskan Smoked Sockeye $27.99 lb.

Traditional Quinault Tribal Smoked King Salmon Strips $27.99 lb.

Sweet Basil and Citrus Traditional Smoked Sockeye $27.99 lb.

6 oz Crab Cakes $11.50 each

3 oz Crab Cakes $6 each

Salmon Burger $5 each

Cod Burger $4

Pint Cold Chowder $7

Quart Cold Chowder $14 

Cream Cheese Smoked Salmon Dip (8oz tub) $5

Dungeness Crab Dip (8oz tub) $12.50 each

Tartar Sauce (8oz tub) $3.50

Cocktail Sauce (8oz tub) $3.50

Remoulade Sauce (6oz tub) $4.00

Seafood Combo Pack (about one pound total of medium shrimp, weathervane scallops and cubed boneless rockfish + 2/3 pound steamer clams) $20 

Seafood Louie Salad (lettuce, carrot, Louie Dressing, tomato, crispy fried onions, salad shrimp, Dungeness crabmeat) $10.75

Prawn Bowl (cooked wild Baja prawns, 4 oz cocktail sauce, lemon wedges) $19.50 

Bread Peddler Baguette (fresh daily) $5 (Please confirm receipt at time of pick-up - these are held in a different location from fresh/frozen seafood and often get accidentally left behind!)

Lemon $0.75

Lobster Roll Filling expected to be available this week also!

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