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Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!
I spent a few hours on Monday in Oregon at our family farm/infant vineyard and I couldn't help but notice that the layer of gloomy fog and mist over the fields and vines matched my internal weather. The previous Monday I had been in Las Vegas with my family, having a lovely celebratory weekend with some of the people I love the most in the world. I'm not sure how you make sense of senselessness, or try to hold ephemeral things like luck or love (or the lack of those things) in your hand, but sometimes I feel obligated to try. I have learned, as I've grown older, that when there are no answers it is almost always because I need to ask a better question. I'm still working on that one, so instead I'll invite you all to join me in what I know to be true - if you open the window and let the crisp autumn air in, a warm fire will feel like a little slice of heaven. Books of poetry, bottles of wine, and arms are other good things to open. Ovens. Hearts. Stay open, my friends. 

This week at the fish shop we are featuring our medium sized wild Sea of Cortez white shrimp/prawns. We have a new recipe (spring roll bowls!) to introduce, another tasty one from the archives, and all of the details about why we love these shrimp. Read on for all of the fishy info. :)
In the case this week we have a great line-up of fresh seafood for all of your tasty meal ideas. Salmon continues to look good with net caught fish - we have both fresh wild silver salmon and fresh wild king salmon from our tribal friends on the Quinault River. For the moment, fishing in the ocean for king salmon is closed - it will be a couple of weeks before we see the first of the 'winter troll fishery' kings out of Alaska. For white fish it's fresh wild true cod, fresh wild rock cod, fresh wild ling cod, fresh wild petrale sole, fresh wild sablefish (black cod) and fresh wild Alaskan halibut. Smoked salmon (and that excellent 'sweet basil and citrus' smoked albacore) are all well stocked, and there's plenty of fresh Dungeness crab (both live and cooked) this week as well. In addition to our Featured prawns we have the jumbo (u8) shell on version and the larger u15 peeled as well. Crab cakes, salmon burgers, cod burgers - yes, yes and yes! Calamari, scallops (both Alaskan and Nantucket), shrimp meat and crabmeat and whole Idaho trout are also looking good. Local shellfish is getting particularly nice with the cooling water and there's plenty of fresh local steamer clams, mussels and oysters.  Oyster List = Kennedy Creek Pacific, Blue Pool (Hama Hama), Kumamoto, Shigoku and Capital Reserves. All the good things,  including grab-and-go options of Salmon Rellenos, Halibut and Vegetables, and Seafood Combo Packs. Come see us!

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