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11 years of fishy business...

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!   It's another fun week around here - Harbor Days is this weekend! Now that the remodeled boardwalk has officially opened, the party has moved from directly in front of our shop to a bit further up the street. This is perfect because we still get to be close to the fun but there is actually a glimmer of hope for customer parking. Yay! We'll do our best to encourage the event crowd to leave a spot or two in front of the door.   The last week before school starts?? Say it isn't so! Our girl is going to be in Third
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Grade this year at Pioneer and we always have lots of fun getting the pencils sharpened and picking out a new backpack. It is, as they say, the most wonderful time of the year! Ha! We also like shopping for new school clothes, which is something I just don't do often enough for myself. With that line of thinking in mind, along with the fact that we're celebrating 11 years in business this week... we're offering up brand new logo t-shirts this week as our 'special'! It's Free Shirt Week! They're sure to be *the* shirt to wear on casual Friday's, while gardening or at the gym. We have two designs to choose from and we really love to
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get our shirts out into the community, so come on down and get one this week!   Okay, back to the fish. We have awesome seafood this week including, fresh wild halibut (Southeast Alaska), fresh wild king salmon and white sturgeon (Columbia River @ Reed Isl.), and fresh wild sockeye salmon (Strait of Juan de Fuca). Thursday afternoon we should have ahi and oho (wahoo) from Hawaii, as well as some fresh wild petrale sole (Oregon) and rock cod (Westport). The recipe to share this week features our shrimp and scallops, so we'll have plenty of those on hand, and we just received a new batch of hefty Nisqually Dungeness crab. The steamer clams are feeling the heat, but they're here! Our mussels and oysters are sharing space with the clams and seem to be a bit happier and our crab cakes make *everyone* happy. We'll have shucked Hama Hama oysters in on Friday morning and lots of excellent smoked salmon all week. If you're in the mood for a snack or light lunch, don't forget our shrimp and crab cocktails! Come on down and get some seafood and a t-shirt - we'll be here! J ~Kira

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