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Fresh Halibut is Back!

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!  It's a beautiful sunny spring day here in Olympia, but I'm feeling like I'd better finish this up and send it quick before the weather makes a liar out of me.  Run, don't walk, to see the sun!  This time of the year my fish loving heart swells with pride - a day or two of decent ocean conditions and suddenly there's not enough room in the case for all the amazing options from the sea.  If you're in the mood for something in particular and you're thinking about it a day or two ahead of time, please feel free to call with your request - we'd be happy to lean in your direction.  This week we're featuring second-week-of-the-season fresh halibut and we've got  some very pretty fish in.  We brought in some smaller ones to sell as whole fish for anyone having a party or wanting to fill up the freezer. (And we'll cut and wrap those for you however you like.)  We also have some bigger fish to sell as fat chunks of fresh filet and a limited amount of fresh cheeks periodically showing up.  If you're thinking fish stock or soups, we will have plenty of bones to offer up as well!      Thursday we should have a bit more of that lovely long-line rock cod - so keep that in mind if halibut isn't quite your thing.  Also, fresh true cod and both Dover and petrale sole....super fresh.  A new batch of fresh Dungeness crab just arrived from our Westport boat and the clams and oysters from Totten inlet are looking good.  Mussels, Kumamotos and a few tumbled Kusshi's just came in from our friends at Taylor Shellfish.  Ahi, Tombo and some fresh Ono are expected to fly in from Hawaii any moment, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for (it's about 50/50) fresh razor clams on Friday.  Quick side note - we made it down to Westport for the Saturday evening sport clam dig and I'm telling you, we EARNED our 8 measly clams that night... it was raining sideways and the swell was up so high that by the time we were done I had sand in places it was never meant to be.  It's always satisfying to dig your own, but I must say I'm sort of looking forward to having them show up at my door in a nicely iced box.  Heh.  Okay!  We'll be here all week... come see us.  Just for the halibut.  ;) ~Kira

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