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All the Fishy News! March 8, 2017

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!

Interestingly, it was this same week last year when we decided to run king crab as our Featured Fish with the same reasoning - the poor weather has kept our Dungeness crab boats at the dock, waiting for a break in the ocean conditions. Must be "that time of the year" when you can count on a lack of fresh crab and have to turn toward the freezer and pull out the good stuff! Word on the street (or rather, the ocean) is that the weather is expected to clear up for tomorrow (finally), so we do have our fingers crossed for fresh local crab for the weekend. Until then - we're rolling with Alaskan king crab legs and Canadian snow crab clusters. (So not a hardship!) Both are excellent products that pair with our oven roasted recipe in a way that will have you hankering for on for all of the details!

In the case this week we are starting out in pretty good shape for fin fish, despite the swell. For white fish we've got fresh true cod, fresh rock cod, fresh petrale, fresh ling cod, fresh sablefish and Alaskan halibut. And in from Eureka, California - a few fresh smelt! From Hawaii we have more of that excellent fresh sashimi ahi tuna (as well as a new batch of sauces!) and a pretty chunk of fresh swordfish. Salmon is looking like fresh winter troll king from Alaska and our two options of frozen-at-sea summer Alaskan - king and silver. (No word just yet on Columbia River springers - we're keeping our eyes peeled!) There's plenty of fresh local shellfish: clams, mussels and oysters @ Pacifics, Kumamotos, Blue Pools and Shigokus. The crab cakes and salmon (or cod!) burgers are flying off the shelves and we're making more on a daily basis, and don't forget a tub of smoked salmon dip if you're considering a treat! Fat, fresh sea scallops and Alaskan weathervane scallops are available next to our fabulous wild prawn/shrimp selection : three sizes of wild, chemical-free Sea of Cortez prawns. Smoked salmon and tuna is looking excellent and we've got new batches of our house sauces ready to roll as well. Let us know if there's something you're looking for this week, and come see us!

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