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All the Fishy News : March 15, 2017

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!

Well it's day 15 at my house and we're feeling like champions who are juuuust about to crest the top of the hill - once a year we like to wrest back control from the it's-in-everything beastie known as "sugar" and revisit an eating strategy called Whole 30. It's tons of fun (insert sarcasm) because you cut not only sugar, but alcohol, dairy, wheat, soy and even legumes from your diet for 30 days straight. 30 days never seems like that long until you actually start, at which point it becomes an eternity. It is, however, completely lovely to have kicked the sugar habit yet again and if the intensity of the headache we all complained about on day 2 and 3 was any indication, it was well past time to dial it down. If you're looking to get a handle on your sugar consumption like I was - check out Whole 30. The good news is you can eat all of the fish and shellfish you want! :)

Of course this means that the only tuna we're eating is the plain canned or fresh tuna, but we're keeping to our schedule and featuring our Sweet Basil and Citrus Smoked Albacore for this week. It's an excellent protein snack that's not *too* sweet, and we've got a couple of recipes to offer that make a great lunch or dinner option. Read on for all of the details!

In the case this week I'll start with the big (drumroll please...) news : FRESH HALIBUT IS HERE!! Hurray! It's going to be a little on the (even more) pricier side this week because the weather has been atrocious and many fishermen have decided to just pause until ocean conditions improve, but we do have it and it does look perfectly beautiful. We have another treat as well - one more fresh wild sturgeon from the Columbia River has been delivered and it's a great looking fish. Salmon this week includes not only our two Alaskan FAS salmon (king and silver!) but also three fresh Alaskan kings from the winter troll fishery, so lots of great salmon options. Tony is currently on his way back from Seattle with our Hawaiian ahi tuna and swordfish, and we just restocked our cedar grilling planks for the impending BBQ season (yes it will stop raining one of these days!) so check those out if planking is your style. For white fish this week we have the fresh halibut, fresh true cod, fresh rock cod, fresh petrale sole, fresh sablefish and fresh whole trout. We've got a great supply of scallops, prawns, calamari and shrimp. Crab is available, but limited (the weather again!) and we should have plenty of crab cakes, salmon burgers and cod burgers for a quick and easy crowd pleasing meal. The shellfish is beautiful and includes steamer clams, mussels and oysters (List : Kumamoto, Blue Pool, Kennedy Creek). Shucked oysters, pickled herring, smoked oysters and a nice selection of shop-made sauces are all in the cold case. Come see us for a sample of the Featured smoked tuna!

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