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All the Fishy News! February 23rd, 2017

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!

I want to start by mentioning that this weekend is the annual FisherPoets Gathering in Astoria, Oregon. I usually like to plan ahead for this event but somehow amidst the cacophony that has turned out to be February, I missed it. If you are going be sure and stop in to the Wet Dog Cafe and say hello to our Olympia FisherPoet, Pat Dixon - he's both a great writer and a nice guy! And now I'm going to set an alert on my phone for about this time next year and console myself by reading through my FisherPoet Anthology. I'll bring them by the shop for this week if anyone wants to browse through them...they are excellent. :)

This week we're Featuring a shop favorite - wild king salmon! Wild salmon is a treat on every level, (sustainable, nourishing and delicious) and it's a great source of proteins, vitamins and essential omega-3 fatty acids. They're also just ridiculously awesome creatures, and I get a little misty and romantic when I spend much time thinking about the journey that these fish undertake in their lifetimes. I *love* wild salmon. Read on for a couple of our favorite recipes from the archives, and a new Miso Salmon recipe that turned out excellent. Yay!

In the case this week we have a nice selection of excellent fishes! For white fish we have previously frozen Alaskan halibut (the 2017 halibut season is set for March 11 - getting close!) fresh true cod, fresh rock cod, fresh petrale sole, a little bit of fresh sablefish and some fresh trout. Salmon will be a limited amount of fresh winter troll king (Thursday afternoon!), our Featured frozen-at-sea Alaskan king, and our excellent wild silver salmon. We'll have Hawaiian sashimi ahi tuna, tombo (tropical albacore) from Fiji and swordfish from New Zealand. There's plenty of lovely scallops, wild prawns, shrimp and crabmeat, calamari, salmon burgers and crab cakes. We made a fresh batch of halibut stock yesterday if you're thinking of a soup, and there's a healthy stash of clams, mussels and oysters - both in the shell and shucked. Smoked salmon, salmon candy, sweet basil and citrus smoked tuna... all the goods! Come see us!

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