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All the Fishy News - February 2, 2017

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!
Well, it's Super Bowl week and I'm usually a football fan but this year I just can't seem to get in the mood. Maybe it's the teams or perhaps it's the startling rise in potential of government coup, but ether way I'm feeling sort of meh about the "big game".  With this in mind, I decided to consult my trusty partner in crime (that's Tony, of course!) about what we should do for our special this week, and he thankful and without hesitation announced: prawns! So... prawns it is! We've got your ridiculously delicious finger food, with a couple of no-fail preparation techniques in the recipes tab for whatever you have going on this week - it's all good.  :) Cocktails for everyone!
In the case this week we have all sorts of goodness, including a few fresh wild whole Spanish mackerel from Florida - if you're a mackerel fan, now is your chance! For salmon this week we're looking at just two options : our frozen-at-sea wild Alaskan king and silver, both excellent and both in generous supply. (Side Note : We are getting a single fresh winter-troll Alaskan king salmon on Friday afternoon - a happy surprise!) For white fish we've got the whole line with fresh wild true cod, rock cod, petrale sole, ling cod (Thursday), halibut, sablefish and Idaho trout. Our Featured prawns are coming in from Baja, Mexico and Tony picked those up at the airport this morning, along with some beautiful sashimi ahi tuna from Hawaii. If you're thinking about oysters on the half shell (me!) we've got options including Kumamoto, Shigoku, Blue Pool and larger Pacifics, and we also have plenty of clams and mussels to round out the shellfish department. Fresh Dungeness crab is still nicely priced at $6.99 lb. and my brother Jacob is scheduled to drop off a new shipment on Thursday morning to fill up the live tank. There will be plenty of fresh whole cooked crab, cracked crab meat and handmade crab cakes to cover all of the crabby bases. Smoked salmon, salmon candy and smoked tuna are stocked and there's plenty of scallops, calamari and shrimp to round out our selection. We'll be making a fresh batch of halibut stock ("bone broth" if you're fancy) tomorrow morning as well as our hot clam chowder. Come see us!

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