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The Delicious Manila Clam, fresh and local!

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Despite the recent run of rather horrible fishing weather, we do have a nice selection of fresh fish in this week. :) The guys in Westport were able to get us another round of fresh live crab, we're into the second week of fresh halibut season, (no cheeks yet though!), and there's several nice fresh cods and some really pretty petrale. In from Hawaii, where the weather is always fine, we have two tunas: both the sushi-grade Ahi and a nice Tombo for grilling or searing. The crab cakes look particularly nice this week and, of course, we always have amazing fresh local shellfish. Read on for a note about manila clams, which are on special this week at $3.99 per pound. Yet another fabulous reason to live in the Olympia area is the abundance of clams in the many intertidal regions. The most commonly found clams are manila clams, native littlenecks, butter clams, cockles, eastern soft shells and macoma clams. The terms "steamer clams" or "butter clams" can apply to almost any of these local clams. At Olympia Seafood we offer our favorite, the cultured manila clam. Manila clams start life as free swimming larvae that feeds on phytoplankton but within a few short weeks they find their home in the sand. From there, on local Totten Inlet, it takes about a year and a half to develop into the harvestable 1.5" size we prefer. For most of our nearly 10 years of business we have been proud to source our manila clams from The Olympia Oyster Company and have found them an excellent, local company to do business with. Our clams arrive fresh off the beach on Tuesday and Friday mornings each week. This week we have fresh, delicious steamer clams at a special price of $3.99 a pound through Sunday (or until we run out!). As always, we appreciate your comments, suggestions and your support of our shop. Thanks so much for your support! Feel free to email us at with any suggestions or comments and don't hesitate to forward this email to anyone who might be interested. Have a great week! ~Kira, Tony and Sailor DeRito; Maggie and Justin - the fish shop team

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