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Quick and Easy Dungeness Crab Melts

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Quick and Easy Crab Melts
If the recipe this week seems simplistic and unimaginative, it's totally because it is!  Simplistic and unimaginative seems like a worthy goal for "back to school" week and when you pair that with delicious crab, you've got a winner!  Dungeness crab melts are easy peasy, tasty and quick.  Yay! 
Good English Muffins Crab meat from one Dungeness crab (about half a pound) Zesty mustard (we like habanero!) Sharp cheddar cheese
Turn on your broiler, put a piece of foil on a cookie sheet, (for a recipe to be deemed "quick and easy the clean up must be so as well!), and lay out your muffins.  Pop them under the broiler for just a minute or two until warm and slightly toasty.  Pull the sheet pan out and smear each muffin with a dab of mustard.  Pile a little crab on the muffin, then top your creation with a thin slice of cheddar.  Slide the pan back under the broiler and let the cheese melt into the crab.  If this happens fairly quickly, turn the broiler off and let your pan sit in the oven for a few more minutes to make sure the crab meat warms all the way through.  Serve this with a bowl of hot tomato soup, a glass of cold Gewurztraminer, and call it a day!

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  • Really simple, really good!

    Ryan on

  • YUM!!

    Anita on

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