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Pan Seared Sole with Lemon

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This preparation works fabulously not only for sole but for most white fish and salmon. And when you start with super fresh fish, you really can get away with just a little salt and some finishing lemon juice for pizzazz. Thicker fish (like salmon or halibut) might need to be cut appropriately for cooking ease - feel free to ask us to help you with  that and we can get you pan-ready! We also carry two spice blends at the shop that are locally made and have just the good stuff if you want a little more flavor. Ask us for a sample of our Blackening Seasoning or Seafood Seasoning and we'll set you up!   4-5 oz sole per adult serving Salt and pepper 1 T olive oil 1 fresh lemon   Liberally salt and pepper your filets on a plate and set aside. Pre-heat your fry pan to a relatively hot temperature (medium-highish) and add the oil. Give it a swirl, and then place your sole filets in the pan. Don't fuss with them for a solid 60 seconds - you'll see the edges start to cook through almost immediately and if you want a little bit of a golden crust just leave them be! With a large spatula, flip the filets and cook for about 30 to 45 seconds more on side #2. Finesse the filets onto a plate (they will want to fall apart a bit once they're cooked) and serve with a side of salad and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Enjoy!

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