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Maine Lobster Tails on the Grill

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Using the grill is a simple and ridiculously delicious way to serve lobster tails. Once they're cooked you can use the meat to prepare any number of dishes, or simply slice and eat!

Start with a completely thawed lobster tail (if it's frozen at all, place in a bowl and drizzle
cold water from the tap over it for 15-20 minutes until thawed). With a pair of kitchen scissors, cut up the back top side of the tail and pry it open with your fingers letting the bottom and sides crack a bit and loosen up the meat inside.



Season the raw lobster meat by drizzling a little olive oil and sprinkling with garlic salt, black pepper and your favorite seafood seasoning. (We used blackening for a little zip.) If you want to stick with just salt and pepper that will work beautifully. As will garlic butter. (yum)

Place your tails on a medium to medium-high preheated grill and let them sit cooking for about 5-6 minutes. We've noticed that they're ready to turn when the bottom half of the shell is pretty well orange and the edges are starting to blacken. If your grill is too hot this might happen pretty quickly, so move them to the side a bit if it doesn't take a good 5 minutes to achieve a similar looking tail to the photo here.


Flip the lobster over and let the top of the tail cook for another 5-6 minutes. The lobster meat, when fully cooked, loses it's opaque quality and will turn a solid white, so look for that if you want to be sure. We like to just keep an eye on the shell - if it's fully orange all around and starting to blacken on the edges then your lobster should be cooked to perfection!


We served ours by letting them cool just long enough to pry the shell off without burning our fingers, and then we cut each tail into bite-sized medallions to lay over a chop salad. p.s. If you have children at home you might want to do what we ended up doing and count the medallions as you cut them. Then an Official Announcement can be made so that everyone is aware of exactly how many of these delectable morsels they are allotted. All is fair in love and lobster. :) Enjoy!

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