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Lobstah Rolls

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Lobster rolls just sound like a good idea and it's even more fun when you pronounce them "lobstah" rolls like the Maine folk do.  Fresh fat chunks of lobster meat mixed gently with a light, creamy flavorful sauce... all tucked nicely into a toasty bun...yes, please!  We made three nice dinner portions out of two cooked lobster (boiled - and we can do this for you if you call in the morning!).  It was luxuriously rich, so plan for a green salad or some sort of light vegetable for a side dish.   ½ cup mayo 1 T white wine 1 T sour cream
lobster meat, chunked
½ T lemon juice 1 tsp Old Bay (ask us for this - we've got it at the shop this week so everyone doesn't have to buy a whole tin of it) 1 stick celery, minced 1 tsp garlic, minced 1 T fresh chives, minced 1 T shallots, minced (or sweet onion) ½ T fresh tarragon, minced salt and pepper to taste 2 lobster - about 1.25 pounds each 2 to 4 of your favorite sandwich rolls or buns   Let's start with the lobster.... open up your bag and take a peek.  If your lobster are still raw/alive, get a pot of water going on the stove and add about ½ cup salt and a handful of pickling spice or other shrimp/crab/lobster boil seasonings.  When your water is boiling, tuck the lobster in and put the lid on.  I recommend giving it a full minute before you peek inside the lid to see if you water is boiling again so you can start the timer.  (They don't scream, as you might have heard via an Old Wives' Tale, but they will likely do some twitching.)  Once your water begins to boil again, set your   timer for 12 minutes and turn your burner down a bit so your pot doesn't boil over on the stove.  Fill up your sink with cold water, and when the time is up, fish out your lobster with a pair of tongs and place directly into the cold water.  Let them sit in the cooling water for 5 minutes or so, and then place in a casserole dish.  If you're working with them immediately, just get ready to crack them open... otherwise, refrigerate until you're ready to get crackin'.   Twist off the tail and both claws of the lobster and let them drain for a minute in the casserole dish.  (It's always a surprise how much juice is in these guys!)  Get out a cutting board and, using a pair of scissors, cut up the belly of the lobster tail and pry out the tail meat.  With a mallet or hammer of some sort, smack the claws until they crack (not 'crush') and pile up the claw and knuckle meat with the tail.  Chop the lobster meat into about 1" square chunks and set aside in a bowl.  You can save the lobster body and all the juice to make a nice bisque or pasta sauce or something at another time, or just dump it all into the compost pile.  Wipe up any lobster splatter and get ready to make the sauce!   In a large bowl, add all of the remaining ingredients.  Whisk it all up together and give it a quick taste for salt.  Add the sauce to the lobster meat, one big spoonful at a time. I think you'll need most of the sauce, but if there's one thing you don't want to over-do, it's adding stuff to your amazing lobster meat - so less is more.  Once you've got your lobster roll filling finished, turn on the broiler and get the buns out!  Open them up and broil until they're toasty brown and give them a quick little brush with some butter.  Divide your lobster meat evenly between the rolls and then serve with a green salad and a crisp white wine.  Enjoy!

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