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Lighten up with a shrimp salad!

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Hello Everyone!   I don't know about you but all the heavy foods of last month have me craving something *a lot* lighter... so this week we're featuring our cooked and ready-to-eat salad shrimp!  We have both the tiny shrimp from Oregon and our "jumbo" salad shrimp from the East Coast on special in the case.  Make yourself a nice fresh green salad, sprinkle some of these delicious shrimp on top and prepare to be refreshed!   The seafood industry is quickly recovering from the holidays, so we have a nice variety of fish in the case if shrimp aren't quite what you're looking for.  Petrale sole, sablefish, true cod, rockfish, wild steelhead... they're all fresh and looking quite pretty!  From the airport we have some fresh Ahi and Tombo as well as Mahi Mahi direct from Hawaii.  (Tony is thinking that if we have much more of this cold weather he might need to take a "business trip" out to inspect things...heh.)  King salmon, Alaskan halibut and scallops are also in the case, with live crab and lobster populating the tanks and plenty of fresh shellfish.  Come visit with us!  ~Kira Salad Shrimp   So this time of the year, the little pink guys are available only as a previously frozen   Oregon shrimp on the left, Maine on the right! product.  If you've ever had tasteless, bland or rubbery salad shrimp in the winter... come down and ask us for a sample!  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how the freezing (and thawing on our part) systems these days make for a really delicious shrimp.  We carry both the tiny Oregon salad shrimp and a larger, almost langostino-esque, Maine salad shrimp.  Both are cooked and ready to eat!  Whip up a salad or sprinkle inside a quesdilla for a really tasty winter lunch or dinner.    Creamy Seafood Salad Dressing   This style of dressing is often referred to as "louis" dressing.  This is our quick and easy "got-it-in-the-pantry" version.  We often add some finely chopped sweet onion or cilantro (a little milk to thin it out, a dash of hot sauce to give it some "kick"...) if it's handy so feel free to add or subtract until you've got your own signature dressing!   dinner salad for two adults : 1 part = 1 Tablespoon   5 parts mayo 2 parts lemon juice 1 part chili sauce (not the sweet or super spicy, look for the stuff by the ketchup) 1 part sweet relish salt and pepper to taste   Stir or whisk together and pour over a crisp green salad topped with shrimp or crab meat.  Yum!

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