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First of the Year Fresh Salad Shrimp

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Hello Everyone! We're continuing on with another shrimpy newsletter to let you know that the little guys are back as a fresh item. The season for Pink Shrimp (aka "salad" shrimp) just opened and they are a wonderful spring treat straight from our coast. :) We're also expecting another delivery of fresh Westport Spot Shrimp, so come on in if you're feeling shrimpish and we'll set you up!

Pink Shrimp

The pink shrimp suffers a bit of an identity crisis out in the world and is known by quite a few different names. Cocktail Shrimp, Salad Shrimp, Coldwater Shrimp, Bay Shrimp and we most often hear them described as "those little cooked shrimp". Their size is decidedly unimpressive, but they have a wonderful lovely light flavor and sometimes you just don't need your shrimp to be "colossal." Ha! They're also a great choice for the environmentally conscious (Happy Earth Day!) and the Oregon fishery claims the title of the first ever Marine Stewardship Council certified shrimp. MSC is the environmental standard for sustainable fishing and you can find out more at if you're interested. Pink shrimp are caught by a method called "otter trawl" with very little by-catch and the season will be open through October, so we look forward to having these tasty little morsels available all summer. They are one of the more perishable seafood items, so we would caution not to purchase too far in advance of when you'll be enjoying them. There are a million ways to feast on salad shrimp, with some of our favorites being an unimaginative yet delicious salad topping, ceviche, shrimp casserole, shrimp risotto and Sailor's favorite: shrimp quesadillas! Another treat is shrimp stuffed avocados, and you can read on for that excellent recipe.

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