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Early October... halibut and fish & chips!

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Hello everyone - happy rOcktober! I need some comfort food.  I could tell you a long pitiful tale about taking my daughter to the dentist for a filling and the ensuing high drama, but suffice it to say that I mean business about the 'comfort' part.  There was wailing involved.  I'm thinking fish and chips.  And not the half-assed baked "light" fish and chips, but the full monty.  Deep fried.  And while we're at it, I want to pass on the cod, too - cod is lovely, but I'm in the mood for the really good stuff.  Fresh thick cuts of halibut dipped in beer batter and wrapped in a paper cone like they do in English pubs.  Salty, tender chunks of fish and potatoes with tartar sauce and a little malt vinegar withautumntable something frothy to wash it all down.  Perfect.   Halibut will be in season for about another 6 weeks, so now is an excellent time to run a "the end is near" special!  We're not so close to the line that the price kicks up but we are close enough that it's time to get a good helping of the fresh stuff before we're back to frozen for a few months.  Halibut season runs from April to Thanksgiving, so keep that in mind with your menu planning.  We'll have fresh, (flown in from Alaska), halibut on special this week through Sunday.  Look in the recipe section for details about the fabulous fish and our traditional-style fish and chips recipe that you can make at home.   We've got two special items expected in just before the weekend: another little dab of fresh Alaskan Weathervane sea scallops and also a very small amount of fresh Alaskan spot shrimp with roe.  If you're thinking spots, don't wait too long - they're usually gone in a snap.  We'll also have fresh Washington king and silver salmon, fresh local sablefish, fresh rock cod and true cod, fresh sole and some of those fresh Idaho trout.  We've got mussels, clams and oysters - with a few Kusshi oysters that are suitable for a raw, half-shell preparation (need to wait just a couple of weeks more for the Pacifics).  For tropicals we'll have fresh ahi and mahi mahi flying in on Thursday afternoon and there's plenty of jumbo fresh Dungeness crab, crab meat and crab cakes.  Come see us! ~Kira      p.s. We're down to the final countdown on the "Best of Western Washington" contest... here's the link to vote if you're feeling inspired, one more time.  Thank you! Best Fish Market 

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