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Barking Frog Grand Marnier Prawns

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This recipe was given to us by a customer friend who got it directly from Barking Frog.  It's also listed online in several locations and there's even a video (click HERE) of Chef Bobby making up a batch of these little nuggets of fabulousness.  I've not yet had the pleasure of eating at Barking Frog but if this recipe is any indication of the quality of their food...I'm thinking we should all take a road trip to Woodinville! One pound peeled and deveined prawns ¾ cup corn starch Salt and pepper to taste ½ cup Grand Marnier 2 cups orange juice Zest from one orange 1 cup mayo   Okay, the first step is a doozy.  You've got to 'burn off' the alcohol in the Grand Marnier and yes, this means flames.  Bigger flames than I was expecting, actually, but after regaining control of my kitchen I watched the video long enough to see that big flames are normal.  Just make sure your hair is tied back and your cabinet doors are shut before you go for it.  Put your Grand Marnier in a metal sauce pan and turn it on medium heat on the stove.  When it starts to warm, take a lighter and light the surface of the liqueur and gently swirl every few moments while the alcohol burns off and it reduces.  You're going for almost a syrup-like finished product, so give it 3-4 minutes to burn and reduce.  Have a lid or a bowl handy to place on top of your sauce pot if you need the flames out quickly and keep the kids back - it's rather dramatic!   Pour the finished syrup in a bowl and let it cool.  Fill the pot back up with the two cups of orange juice and put this back on the burner on medium+ heat until it's bubbling and simmering.  You'll want to reduce the orange juice to about half of the volume and for me, this took about 20 minutes.  Give it a swirl or a stir every 5ish and keep an eye on it to make sure it's just gently simmering and not getting crazy.   While your orange juice is cooking, get your zest ready. Chef Bobby does a zest dehydration in the oven on low heat and then makes a powder out of the zest using a spice grinder - I just threw in the fresh orange zest.  You also might want to butterfly your shrimp to get the best sauce coverage but I did the shrimp both ways and they were both fabulous... so if you've got something else to do with your time while the orange juice is reducing you can skip it.  When your orange juice is about a cup in volume, pour it in the bowl with the Grand Marnier and let it cool while you're cooking the shrimp before you finish the sauce. In a big fry pan, add enough vegetable oil to cover the bottom of the pan and pre-heat the oil over medium high heat.  Toss your shrimp in the corn starch, then gently lay them in the oil on one side and let them fry for about two minutes, turn/flip them over with a pair of tongs and let them cook for another minute until they're done.  Transfer the shrimp from the pan to a paper towel, season with salt/pepper, and let them drain for a moment.   To finish the sauce, add the zest and the cup of mayo and whisk together until it's all combined.  Place the shrimp in a bowl and pour about half of the sauce over the top of the shrimp and fold to coat completely.  Serve with a salad and a little sauce on the side and prepare to bark like a frog about how delish these are.  Yum!

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  • I just went to Woodinville and had these.. Very yummy. They finished them off with sesame seeds (white and black) and little mandarin oranges on the plate

    fondag on

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