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The Superb Sockeye Salmon!

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone! I hope you're having a great week.  Around our house we're getting ready for both the end of Sailor's 2nd grade school year and Tony's 20th high school reunion.  Both seem to involve a substantial party... and I'm not willing to bet on which one will be the least likely to involve the cops.  Could go either way!  What we know for sure is that there willlogo be lots of fun and good seafood.  This week we're featuring sockeye salmon, which is the star of the show in our new favorite take-to-a-party recipe ~  salmon rellenos!  Fair warning - if you have guests involved be sure and load your own plate before you get too far from the platter.  And if you're more of an Italiano fan we also have an easy and fabulous parmesan crusted sockeye recipe to share.  Read on for all the details! In the case this week we have dinglebar-caught ling cod, fresh rockfish and dover sole, fresh halibut filet and cheeks, fresh Ahi and escolar, clams, mussels and oysters.  On Friday we're expecting some fresh Florida pink shrimp to arrive direct from the airport. (Side note- more fresh spots are expected at the very tail end of the month - that last opening was a big fizzle!)  For salmon we'll have our specially priced fresh wild sockeye out of both Kodiak and Main Bay in Alaska, and then we're keeping our fingers crossed for some Columbia River kings to show up on Friday.  There's a short opening of the season Thursday night, and both my Dad and my brother Jacob are planning to be on the water.  I've talked my Dad into making a special drift in an area more likely to catch sturgeon, so keep your fingers crossed for fresh sturgeon this weekend too!  There's plenty of crab, piles of shrimp and a nice tray of trout - come see us! ~Kira  
Sockeye Salmon
Sockeye salmon are also known as 'reds' and in our state are sometimes referred to as 'bluebacks'.  They range from Alaska down to about the Columbia River and they're interesting salmon in that it's very difficult to catch them when they're in the ocean phase of their lifecycle.  Sockeye are not the sort of fish that will bite a hook in the ocean and they can actually use their gill rakers to strain zooplankton from the water for their main food source.  Their diet gives them a very rich red color and a harvest limited to net or seine fishing when they return to their rivers in the summer and fall.  Our sockeye this week are coming from a variety of plentiful sources.  Early in the week we had Resurrection Bay sockeye, Thursday they will be from Kodiak and the weekend fish are arriving from Main Bay.  All sockeye salmon are relatively small, maxing out at about 8 pounds dressed, but they're wonderfully delicious small statured salmon.  You can prepare sockeye with any of your favorite salmon recipes, or if you're looking for something new, check our archives for lots of great ideas!

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