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It's Back to School + Ono/Wahoo

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone! Exciting day around here - first day of school at Pioneer Elementary for our daughter, Sailor!
1st day of 3rd Grade
Please Note: extremely stylish backpack and line of sparkles down pants (of course)
And to top it all off, such perfectly glorious September weather.  Hopefully it won't be *too* hard for the kids to stay in their seats when the sunny playground is so enticing.    All this nice weather is creating a bumper crop of tomatoes around our house this year, and a fluffy patch of basil that we finally decided to turn into one of our favorite easy meal makers... pesto!  With that in mind, we're featuring a basic pesto recipe and a simple pesto crusted Ono this week.  We're flying the Ono in fresh from Hawaii and Fiji, so all this sunny weather is just like home.  Read on for the details and information on this excellent tropical fish. Also in the case this week we have fresh Alaskan Halibut, fresh local King and Silver Salmon, fresh True Cod, fresh Rock Cod and fresh Petrale Sole for late Thursday.  The Ono and the Ahi are here from Hawaii with more expected from Fiji on Friday.  Sablefish is here now and we're keeping our fingers crossed for a Sturgeon to show up in the next day or two.  We have all the usual Clams, Oysters and Mussels + Smoked Salmon, Shrimp, Prawns, Scallops and Crab Cakes.  Also plenty of Crab Meat but what we don't have is whole cooked and live Crab - we're hoping to see those show up before the weekend but at this point we don't have a firm line on it.  I did place an order for a few live Lobster to be flown over from the East Coast so that we have a little something in the tanks to look at and hopefully the Crab will be back soon!  Enjoy the sunshine and come get some Fish! Ono ~ Wahoo It's nice that Ono is actually very tasty fish because it has such a charming name. What's forono filet dinner?  Oh.  No!  (Ah, there are miles of fun to be had with that one if you're feeling silly.)  And if that wasn't enough, the most popular alternate name for Ono is "Wahoo".  Not kidding.  The word "ono" is a Hawaiian word that translates quite appropriately to "delicious" and yes, yes it is.  A very nice light tan in color as a raw product, it cooks into a solid, but tender white fish that mild in flavor and very easy to like.  It's best cooked just slightly rare or underdone, and works nicely on the grill, as a pan seared fish or under the broiler.  If you're a fan at all of Halibut I would guess that you'd really love Ono as well.   Ono are long streamlined fish that are typically between 4-6 feet long as mature adults.  They're top swimming predator fish with lots of sharp teeth and can reach speeds upwards ofono swimming 50 mph.  Ono are most often caught by commercial fishermen targeting tropical tuna and are prolific enough to have received a 'good alternative' rating by the sustainability advisors.  They're beautiful fish fresh out of the water, sort of zebra striped blue, but they lose their color quickly and by the time they reach us the skin is a pretty but less amazing shade of solid blue/grey.  Read on for the recipe and come take a look at our fresh Ono this week!

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