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All the Fishy News! March 29, 2017

Posted by Kira DeRito on

Hello Everyone!

Did we all see the little clip about our fair Olympia on King5 this morning? I was happy to see that it featured one of our new favorite places to visit - the 222 Market building and our shellfish growing friends at Chelsea Farms. We really love having such an excellent oyster bar so close to us, and Pantry (thanks for wearing our shirt, Kevin!), Fluerae and Sofie's Scoops (Sailor's favorite!) are becoming great regular places to find amazing things, too. The only place we haven't actually purchased something from is the bone broth spot - if you've had a 'must try' something from them, let me know! And it sounds like Olympia is growing... so if you're new in town - welcome! Hopefully you haven't yet earned yourself a parking ticket and you've found a local with some time under their belt has assured you that, yes, someday, the rain will stop. We love Olympia!

We also love seafood (ha!) and our Featured Fish this week is an easy one to develop a romantic relationship with - fresh wild Alaskan halibut. YUM. We're in that sweet spot where the season has now been open for three weeks and enough fish have been caught to bring the price back down from the stratosphere. We have some beautiful nice big fat halibut lined up to be flying in all week, and filet pricing is an attractive $19.99 lb. through Sunday. Read on for three great recipes, and plenty of halibut trivia!

In the case this week we have an abundance of beautiful fishes to go with that halibut. Our wild salmon selection includes fresh Alaskan troll king, frozen-at-sea Alaskan troll king, and frozen-at-sea silver salmon from the Hackett family boat in Alaska. For wild white fish we have fresh Washington rock cod, fresh Oregon petrale sole, fresh Washington ling cod, fresh Alaskan true cod, and fresh Washington sablefish (black cod). Ahi tuna and swordfish are our tropicals from Hawaii this week, and we have fresh Nantucket sea scallops and Rhode Island calamari coming from the east. Three sizes of white prawns are joining us from the Sea of Cortez, and our smoked fishes are from Cathlamet. The crab, should the weather choose to cooperate, will be incoming from my brother's boat in Westport toward the end of the week, and we do have a few live lobster in the basket from somewhere north of Maine. Our shellfish is all local (clams, mussels and a selection of oysters!) and we're making our hot clam chowder, seafood pasta salad, sauces, dips and cakes right at the shop in Olympia. If you haven't yet worn out your umbrella this winter, grab it and come see us! (Just for the dum tss!)

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